i4HB  is headed by a Directive Board (DB), composed by the 3 Coordinators of the participating Institutions plus the vice-Coordinator of UCIBIO-Porto:

The Directive Board will be responsible for the implementation of the Strategic Plan and to coordinate the R&D activities organized along the 4 Thematic Lines (TL).

The Management Board is constituted by 8 members:

  • The 4 TL coordinators: Maria João Romão (TL1), Frederico Ferreira (TL2), Félix Carvalho (TL3) and Maria Ascensão Reis (TL4)
  • And 4 TL representatives, nominated by the DB:  Filipa Marcelo, Raquel Aires Barros, João Pedro Conde and Pedro Viana Baptista


The Directive Board is assisted by the Management Board and the Careers Board, that constitute the Board of Directors. The Scientific Council is constituted by all integrated members and shall meet once a year in a i4HB Annual Symposium.


governance diagram i4hb


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Financed by national funds from FCT - Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia, I.P., in the scope of the project LA/P/0140/2020 of the Associate Laboratory Institute for Health and Bioeconomy - i4HB.
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