Public Policies

The i4HB mission is to become a leading interdisciplinary Institute, to address societal demands and provide knowledge and sustainable technological solutions to improve the wellbeing of the population. Through world class Research & Development, i4HB will foster the development of integrated knowledge to support innovation in Public Policies at the leading-edge of research and education with major impact in the Health and the Bioeconomy sectors. 

To meet this goal, i4HB is organized along 4 Thematic Lines (TLs) that address the challenges of strategic research fields and effectively support the implementation of public policies. In particular, the development of innovative treatments, including new drugs and medical products or the development of methodologies to assess xenobiotic toxicity and improve human and environmental health, as well as the development of processes and applications for the enhancement of bioresources and production of bioproducts.

The strategic plan is supported by 3 strategic objectives:


OBJECTIVE 1 - Promote and secure scientific employment, actively support the advanced training of human resources with a global impact, attracting talent to Portugal;

OBJECTIVE 2 - Contribute to the internationalization of the scientific operation and increase the diversification of funding, in particular from EU R&D programs and other International Entities; 

OBJECTIVE 3 – Reinforce excellence in R&D in collaboration with the private sector, and public or private institutions to continue to support public policies.

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Financed by national funds from FCT - Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia, I.P., in the scope of the project LA/P/0140/2020 of the Associate Laboratory Institute for Health and Bioeconomy - i4HB.
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